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Engaging the services of an experienced company secretary comes highly recommended, but irrespective of whether you choose to appoint or engage the services of a company secretary, there are still company secretarial duties to undertake. These include creating and maintaining the company’s registers, fulfilling the legal requirements of holding of meetings & minutes taking, making necessary statutory changes and filings including annual return filings within prescribed timescales. Companies, with particular emphasis on directors, are legally liable to ensure the company meets all obligations with severe penalties for non-compliance

Meeting the statutory requirements for a company depends on knowledge of company secretarial matters, governance regulations, employment laws, timing and the complexity of the company structure. Why not join the many who choose to entrust these important matters to the experts?
Our Corporate Secretarial consultants provide services that suit every individual and business needs allowing the freedom to fully concentrate on business. Our team keeps up-to-date with changes to legislation and our full suite of Corporate Services ensure that our clients’ are fully compliant with the Law.

Expatriate Advisory & Services

People are at the heart of any cross-border investment whether prospecting, private investments or multinational projects. Sending executives overseas, or moving overseas as an executive or businessperson within a global business, is a complicated decision with far-reaching consequences for individuals and families.

We address the full scope of immigration matters focused mainly on the priorities of the expatriate (and their family). These include pre and post travel briefings, children’s education, access to medical facilities, housing, banking and some of the keys to fitting into foreign environments and making cultural adjustments.

We understand the challenges of such a move and our consultants provide comprehensive advisory and efficient services to limit risks and maximize executive effectiveness from an administrative, employment law and tax point of view.

  • Work Permit application
  • Resident Permit application
  • Emergency Entry Permit application
  • Visitor Permit extension application
  • Expatriate Annual Returns filing
  • File Notification of Departure per requirements by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS)

Corporate Governance Advisory

With a dedicated team specializing in corporate governance and organizational design, we offer a suite of strategic and industry-focused advisory and support services to enhance corporate governance within the organization.

We work together with boards and senior management of companies, institutions and not-for-profit/non-governmental organizations to build long-term value for businesses through improved decision making, structures, controls and incentives. Our team provides clients with a broad spectrum of governance services.

  • Strengthening of internal control systems, risk management and oversight functions through supporting the Board with good governance practices
  • Board evaluation and effectiveness
  • Customized advisory designed to help organizations setup ethics environment, draft policies and control mechanisms and continue to effectively follow them.
  • Assist Board and various sub-committees establish an effective governance ecosystem within the organization.

Corporate Secretarial Services

NSP offers a comprehensive range of Company Secretarial Services at very competitive rates and provide services to a variety of clients, including Ghanaian companies (start-up’s, sole proprietorships, LLC’s, etc.) and foreign companies with Ghanaian subsidiaries, seeking cost effective solutions to manage their compliance obligations.

NSP’s experienced and qualified consultants are candid, pragmatic, readily accessible and business minded. We therefore guarantee any task will be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We believe if there’s a better way of achieving your business goals, we’ll tell you quickly and clearly why and how. We also offer a one-off “Company Health Check” of all company’s statutory books to ensure compliance on signing on with us. Getting started is as simple as getting in touch and telling us about
your requirements.

  • Company Formation and Registration
    • Assist with incorporation of Subsidiary/Liaison office/Branch office/Project office
  • Appointed Company Secretary
  • Statutory Compliance
    • Prepare and update statutory registers
    • Prepare and file annual and other statutory returns
  • Board & Committee Services
    • Prepare agendas and assist with meeting papers
    • Assist with pre-meeting preparation
    • Attend meetings and taking minutes
    • Provide technical support in advance of, and during meetings
    • Prepare and circulate minutes and actions after meetings
  • Corporate Secretarial Advisory and Support Services
    • Advice companies and their officers on relevant Companies Acts and new developments
    • Prepare share certificates, company seal and share capital changes
    • Director/Auditor change(s)
    • Prepare and file change(s) such as name, registered office address, main objectives/principal business activities, etc.
    • Company re-registrations
    • Prepare documents for appointment/resignation of directors

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